Table of Contents

Claire & Tori

  • L.O.L. Surprise Big Surprise ($99) Apparently it's back again this year and still popular. Expect more early sellouts this year.
  • Pikmi Pops (~$10-20) - Still popular and actively requested by Claire & Tori. The confetti popping type is fun to mix in with the rest.
  • BFF - Best Furry Friends Plush-in-a-bag ($30?) - Note that the current link here is Australian. These seem to not be available in the US yet. These are larger versions of an existing small toy. Keep an eye peeled for a US release.
  • Scuff a Luvs ($35) - Mystery pets that emerge from a furball when you give them a bath and blow-dry them.
  • Smooshy Mushy ($10-15) - Stocking stuffer options. Basically stress balls shaped as Japanese-style characters.
  • Num Noms Snackables (~$10) - Another good stocking stuffer. Basically a num nom with slime.
  • Pomsies ($15) - This year's Fingerling, but cuter
  • Polly Pocket ($15) - The 90s toy is back for the nostalgic



  • Toilet Trouble ($15) - A chance-based simple/fun game for family time