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 ====== Route Info ====== ====== Route Info ======
   * [[www.bikely.com/​maps/​bike-path/​Huntington-to-Orient-Point-State-Bike-Route-25-25A|Huntington to Orien Point Bike Route 25A]]   * [[www.bikely.com/​maps/​bike-path/​Huntington-to-Orient-Point-State-Bike-Route-25-25A|Huntington to Orien Point Bike Route 25A]]
 +====== Speedplay Pedal Guide ======
 +There are quite a few lines of Speedplay pedals, with sub-models within each line.  Here's my attempt at figuring out what each is.
 +Speedplay pedals are different from Look/​Shimano pedals for a few resaons. ​ While the form factor (round, double-sided,​ etc) is one aspect, for most people it's about the range of float available. ​ Another key point is that Speedplay pedals do not self-center,​ so your foot can find it's natural angle without having to dial in the angle in your cleats. ​ This can sometimes help with knee pain.
 +  * Zero - Adjustable float up to 15 degrees
 +  * X - Non-adjustable float, quite wide float
 +  * Ultra Light Action - Very easy to clip out of
 +  * SYZR
 +  * Brass Knucles