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  • Tires
    • Chat channel wisdom:
      • Schwalbe Duranos - Better puncture protection but slow
      • Gators - Even better puncture protection (can be scary in the wet)
      • Armadillos - Bombproof but heavy and slow
      • Marathon+ -
      • And don't get ultremos because they won't last
      • Good feedback on Continental 4seasons and 4ks
  • De Fietsfabriek awesome cargo/family bikes
  • Pub Pedals - Flat pedal inserts for Crank Brothers pedals

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London Pootle Family Ride Route Ideas

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Speedplay Pedal Guide

There are quite a few lines of Speedplay pedals, with sub-models within each line. Here's my attempt at figuring out what each is.

Speedplay pedals are different from Look/Shimano pedals for a few resaons. While the form factor (round, double-sided, etc) is one aspect, for most people it's about the range of float available. Another key point is that Speedplay pedals do not self-center, so your foot can find it's natural angle without having to dial in the angle in your cleats. This can sometimes help with knee pain.

  • Zero - Adjustable float up to 15 degrees
  • X - Non-adjustable float, quite wide float
  • Ultra Light Action - Very easy to clip out of
  • SYZR
  • Brass Knucles