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Focus RS

  • Roof Rack Options
    • Should mount a 3M or xpel ultimate clear bra underneath
    • Where I left off in the Focus RS forum post
    • Rhino-Rack
      • “Their 2500 RS series fits the car without the bars extending beyond the feet.”
      • About $489
      • Nicest looking of the non-OEM racks
    • Thule
      • Aeroblade and square bar options. Sit wider than the car. Range in ~$450-550 depending on bar. Has the proper euro-fit feet straight from the Thule website.
      • “The fit kit with the alignment pins is kit 1634.”
    • Yakima
      • $473 with Core Bar option. Not Euro-specific. Sticks out past feet.
    • Ford OEM from UK
      • Manufactured by Thule
      • Speculative part number: F-1767840RACKASSY-R
      • Potential part listing
      • “I ordered the official Ford rack from the UK on the 11th and it arrived today. I ordered it through They don't have options to ship to the US directly in their cart, so you have to use this request form to tell them the part number(s) that you want and they email you a final price with a link to check out: The part number for the rack is 1767840 and the total with shipping to me in WI came to £179.03, or $230. ”
    • Seasucker
    • Somebody mentioned these really sweet looking bike mounts: Kuat Trio
  • Trailer Hitch